Our Wide Brown Land – Guardian Australia

Congratulations to Guardian Australia for their excellent coverage of neglected environmental issues: 'Our Wide Brown Land'. In March 2018 the focus was on logging and clearing, exposing the government's legal and political concerns about plans to extend or roll over RFAs based on outdated 20-year old science. It's the first in depth reporting on the 'forest wars' for years. Click to read Gregg Borschmann's individual reports below or find the whole series here.

Forest wars back, 20/3/2018

Forest wars video, 20/3/2018

Legal concerns, 21/3/2018

Out of date science, 22/3/2018

Green groups accused, 23/3/2018

Call to log parks, 26/3/2018

Funding fresh reviews, 27/3/2018

Tas $1.3 billion loss, 29/3/2018

Full scientific assessments - ALP, 29/3/2018