Possums case – trial starts 3 June


It’s on! Come to the Federal Court in Melbourne and show your support for this landmark legal action. It’s Friends of Leadbeater’s Possum against VicForests and the RFA exemption for native forest logging.

When: Any day from 3 June, for three weeks, 10am–4pm
Where: Court 8B, Federal Court, 305 William St, Melbourne



Signing up for extinction

Last November, Prime Minister Morrison signed up for extinction. He put his name to the Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs) through which the Commonwealth devolves environmental responsibility to the states and washes its hands of the outcome. Unless overturned by a court or a future government, native forest logging in NSW will remain exempt from Commonwealth environmental laws until at least 2039, even as species like the Swift Parrot, Greater Glider and Koala are pushed to the brink.

More on the RFA debacle: https://greenagenda.org.au/2019/03/signing-up-for-extinction/

Repeal Victoria’s Wood Pulp Agreement Act

Australian Paper (Nippon) Maryvale pulpmill

A bill to repeal Victoria's Forests (Wood Pulp Agreement) Act 1996 and end the legal requirement to log the Mountain Ash Forests is being debated this week in the Victorian parliament.  For over 80 years the Maryvale mills, currently owned by Australian Paper (Nippon), have had their native forest wood supply guaranteed by legislation.  At the same time parent company Nippon Paper Group is importing plantation woodchips from Victoria to feed its mills in Japan. The ash forests and their wildlife are on the brink of collapse; it's time to stop.

More about Sam Dunn's bill: https://protectourforests.org.au/woodpulp-agreement-act/

More about the Maryvale mills and the legislated wood supply agreement: http://woodpulpagreement.org/

Extinction crisis – Senate inquiry submissions due 10 September

Swift Parrot, Judith Deland

How can it be that, in one of the richest countries in the world, 500 fauna species found nowhere else on Earth are threatened with extinction? That's the question before the Senate Environment Committee which is inquiring into all aspects of Australia's faunal extinction crisis -- what's happening, what are its wider ecological impacts, who is responsible, what's failing and why.  Get involved -- make a submission before 10 September 2018. 

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RFA revelations divide parties

Federal and state governments have legal and political concerns about extending Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs) based on badly outdated science, now over 20 years old, according to reports in the Guardian’s excellent series on neglected environmental issues: ‘Our Wide Brown Land’.

The Guardian’s reports have exposed divisions between Labor and the Coalition with Labor’s Tony Burke and Joel Fitzgibbon committing to ‘proper, independent and full scientific assessments’ of RFA outcomes while Assistant Minister for Agriculture, Senator Anne Ruston is refusing to undertake or fund new assessments, claiming that existing information is more than adequate.

Our Wide Brown Land – links to individual logging reports or to the Guardian’s whole series.

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World Forests Day, Wednesday 21 March

Stand up for the forests

World Forests Day - 21 March 2018. This week Stand up for the Forests in Perth and other places around the country.  Make your voice heard in a different way by contributing your craft skills.  And book now for the Forests Forever Easter Ecology Camp up at Goongerah in East Gippsland. Featured image - Lewin Forest (WAFA)

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Possums case – hope

On Friday afternoon, 2 March, Justice Mortimer handed down her decision in the Possums case. The decision is lengthy and complex but conservationists said that although the argument put by Friends of Leadbeater’s Possum was rejected, as was that of VicForests, the decision gave them grounds for hope. Read the judgment here and below are the next dates and initial reactions from outside the court on Friday.

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Forests this week

Protect tarkayna/Tarkine (Bob Brown Foundation)

Around the country logging blockades and protests are happening and planned; a huge crowd turned out in Hobart to protect takayna/Tarkine in the run up to the Tasmanian election. Meanwhile the Victorian government sits on reported logging breaches by VicForests and the Great Forest National Park enters the Batman by-election

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