World Forests Day, Wednesday 21 March

Stand up for the forests

World Forests Day - 21 March 2018. This week Stand up for the Forests in Perth and other places around the country.  Make your voice heard in a different way by contributing your craft skills.  And book now for the Forests Forever Easter Ecology Camp up at Goongerah in East Gippsland. Featured image - Lewin Forest (WAFA)

Massive Forest Petition handover, Perth

Stand up for the forests, Parliament House Perth, 12 noon, Wednesday 21 March.  Join the crowd on World Forests Day to hand over a petition with an expected 10,000+ signatures asking for the government to honour its pre-election promises to move the industry out of native forests to sustainable managed plantations and farm forestry.

Lismore World Forest Day protest

Lismore, 11 am outside the office of MP Thomas George. Regional Forest Agreements have been a disaster and must not be renewed. The government has new logging rules in the pipeline that will massively intensify logging for wood-fired power stations here or overseas.

Sydney World Forest Day protest

12 noon - rally outside the office of NSW Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton. Calling on the government to end native forest logging and establish the Great Koala National Park.

Friends of Noojee's Trees

Friends of Noojee's Trees. The small Gippsland town of Noojee is about to have its surrounding forests clear-felled by VicForests and sent off to the Maryvale pulpmills to be made into reflex paper.

Great Tree Project

Knitting up a storm - well a tree. Contribute your knitting, crocheting and quilting to make a life-size Eucalyptus regnans.

Forests Forever

Spend Easter, March 30 - April 2, in the heart of East Gippsland's forests. Be guided by expert ecologists revealing the delicate workings of these ancient eco-systems, be awed by the diversity of a pristine rainforest and be outraged by the continuing logging destruction.