NSW – RFA no way, submissions due 23 Feb

Native forests not forest furnaces

Update, 15 Feb:  NSW groups have pulled out of the government 'consultations' on extending the RFA because the outcome is predetermined.

NSW is doing a combined review of its three RFAs (North East, Eden and Southern). Having somehow omitted to carry out the second five-year review (due in 2009) it is doing the second and third five-year reviews together - four years late.

The review is not a serious examination of the evidence; it is a tick-a-box exercise on the way to entrenching RFAs and logging in the forests of NSW, and across Australia. The 'community consultation' is part of the same.

If you plan to participate: submissions on the review are by 23 Feb and on the 'proposed' RFA extension by 12 March

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*Unsurprisingly the questionnaire doesn't include options for 'no way rfa' or 'end the One Stop Chop'